15 de noviembre de 2010


The are people who prefer to save their money for future plans, but, also there are people that, want to spend their money to enjoy.

First of all we must rank our money, but, we always have to know our priorities.

In my opinion, If we have future plans, we should save the most of our money to study, the car, house... or other important things that we'll need in the future, and save a minimal part to enjoy and the things you need everyday, for example, books, food, cinema... but, if we only think in the present, and enjoy as we can, take money for it, but it's very important to think about the future.

Finally, you should know that, it's important to rank all our money, because, it can be that, one day, you haven't got money to hang out with your friends, or, in the same way, you haven't got money to pay your university.
In this life, all is good if we use it with precaution.

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