27 de octubre de 2010

Hi everybody!! Sorry for no write before, puff, one year, well, I think you really like everything I write now ;).
One week ago, i went to Egypt. I have only one word to describe it, incredible...

I went with my parents and my brother, and the group of "La Real Asociación de los Caballeros del Monasterio de Yuste" the same that we went to Israel and Jordania the last year.
I have to say that, Egypt is beautiful, all the citys, all the people... but, there are many economics differents. When we stayed in El Cairo, we could see that, where we were, there were a lot of skyscraper, luxury boats... but when we went to the pyramids, in Giza, we see very old schools, dirty streets and more things, but, I was very impressed because, all the children, and the people, were always very happy, so, there, it's when we have to think that it's incredible that, the people is very happy with few things, and in the richs countries, it's the opposite.

We went to El Cairo, then to Luxor, and there we took a cruise on the Nile to Aswan. Absolutely fantastic.
In the cruise I met a girl from Australia, Dani, and her family, very nice.
During the day, the cruise was in a port, and we visit that place.
One day, we went in boat to the Nubian Village, and, when I was taken photos, suddenly I look a children in the river, on surfboards made by him. I was very confused because all the people said me that, the Nile is very dirty and it has a mortal bactery He take a tire from the boat, and he asked me:Spanish? Italian? and I answered: Spanish, and then, he began to sing the "Macarena" and"Porompompero" to get money for him.

It was funny look him singing but, if you think it, it's very painful. I thought; "I go to the school, I have all I need, and I enjoy with my friends every friday and Saturdays, but, he is surfing in the Nile, getting money from the tourist singing the typicals songs of their countries, and he is very happy and with the smile in his face."

Then I take these photos of more children:

My friend Aasmaa from the Nubian Village, beautiful girl

Abu Simbel:

Pompey's column:

The pyramids

My group! You can see that, I'm the youngest person there, and my
brother the youngest gentleman in the Asociation.

Well, here you have some photos. I'm sorry because I haven't got time to write more, the exams.. :P
I hope you take a idea about Egypt, in fews days I'll posted more photos and things to tell you ;)

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